About us

We Share Supply Inc.

The main corporate logo was designed to literally and visually communicate the founding principles of the business. We Share Supply Inc. is a distributor of a broad array of supply products required for the efficient operation of businesses who require products in the Exam, Safety, Industrial and Utility marketplaces. We provide the customer with the product they need, on time, accurate and at the best overall value in the marketplace. One of the foundational pillars of We Share Supply Inc. is the establishing of a commitment to being constantly philanthropic by providing the framework for every single customer to effect a donation by We Share Supply Inc. of 2% of all sales to a registered charity of the customer's choice with the customer receiving the resulting charitable tax receipt in their name. Through this commitment, the staff and owners of We Share Supply Inc. hope to be able to make a continuing beneficial contribution to offer a hand up to those in society who can benefit most. The corporate logo incorporates a Charity Bucket with the two coins representing the 2% of all sales revenue being donated into the bucket. The font of "We Share" is larger so as to represent the more prominent meaning of sharing through the supply of products to our customers.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service